Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal priest John E. McGinn

By | February 24, 2023
John E. McGinn

Episcopal priest John E. McGinn, then rector of St. John’s church in Sandwich Ma, was suspended in 2013 after allegedly plagiarizing more than a dozen sermons from the online publication “Dynamic Preaching.” Fifteen sermons were identified as being used verbatim from the book, with McGinn’s plagiarism extending back to at least 2006.

When the alleged plagiarism first arose, McGinn purportedly said it was a one-time occurrence and would not happen again. A subsequent spot check by the diocese revealed multiple incidents of plagiarism.

As of 2023, McGinn remains listed in the Episcopal Church Directory. He does not appear to be actively serving a parish but remains canonically resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.

Photo courtesy Cape Cod Times.

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