Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal deacon Armand Henault

By | March 12, 2023
Armand Henault

the Rev. Armand Henault, a deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont, was arrested by local police and charged with sexually assaulting a child, “promoting recording of sexual conduct, contributing to juvenile delinquency and three counts of enabling consumption of alcohol by a minor,” as reported by Anglican Ink.

At the time of his arrest, Henault had been suspended from ministry for three years, but was serving as a child and family therapist. Two previous boundary violations had been reported to the diocese, with the second being referred to Massachusetts state police. Henault was not criminally charged at that time. Henault’s third victim was a boy who turned to him for counseling. Henault allegedly plied the boy with marijuana and alcohol and convinced him to pose naked for photos to “check his aura.” Molesting the youth, Henault claimed, would “release his chakra.”

Prior to his suspension, Henault served as a deacon at St Andrew’s in St Johnsbury. Henault was released from prison in August 2022 and is on Facebook at He appears to be on Instagram at His sex offender registry is at

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