Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal bishop Paul Moore

By | June 18, 2022
Spotlight on Abuse: Episcopal Bishop Paul Moore

Episcopal bishop Paul Moore was described by Bishop Andrew Dietsche in 2018.

Paul Moore, a figure of extraordinary inspiration for so many of us, also bears the epithet “Serial Predator.” Paul Moore died fifteen years ago, but for those who continue to live with the pain of his long-ago abuse, the invitation is here extended to come forward, anonymously or not, quietly or not, to give your account.
Moore’s successor at the helm of the Episcopal Diocese of New York recognized publicly that Moore had engaged in continual sexual misconduct, targeting priests, seminarians and laypersons.
Bishop Andrew Dietsche released a pastoral letter describing the late Paul Moore Jr. as a “serial predator” who engaged in “long-time patterns” of sexual exploitation and abuse. 14 adult men came forward with allegations of the married bishop’s sexual violations against them as lay people, seminarians, and priests.

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