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More allegations emerge in the Douglas Anderson case

Bishop Sumner

Over the past 24 hours, we’ve heard from multiple persons with knowledge of the Douglas Anderson case. As part of these conversations, additional, often troubling allegations have emerged. These include:

  • That Dallas bishop George Sumner tried to sandbag the case by forcing the parochial vicar into retirement, then lying about it. If that is the case, Sumner needs to be charged with conduct unbecoming and Todd Ousley needs to give off his lazy backside and take the matter seriously. Specifically, he needs to quit protecting bishops and start protecting laity.
  • In this case, there has been zero compassion or care shown for the complainant.
  • That the matter has been going on for more than a year now.
  • That there have been multiple threats against the complainant’s employment.

The good news is that we are told the complainant has documentation of Anderson’s conduct.

Whether it is Texarkana or Boston, the reality is this: Women are not objects for men’s amusement. So regardless of whether Anderson was board chair or a supervisor, his behavior needed to be above reproach. Boundaries are always the responsibility of the clergy, no exceptions. And the fact he allegedly shared details of his marital difficulties is wildly inappropriate.

We’re also pleasantly surprised by Alan Gate’s response, even though aspects are sorely lacking. Our experience with Gates is that when another bishop is involved in a Title IV case, Gates and his minions prefer not to think for themselves. Instead, they call the other bishop, ask if the priest did anything, get the predictable answer, then violate the canons by sandbagging the case. In other words, Gates is a spineless wonder. And like another creature without a spine, the jellyfish, he floats along with the tides, lacking ethics or direction.

Assuming the allegations we have heard are true, Sumner needs to go. The last thing the church needs is another lying bishop. And he can take Anderson with him. And the threats to the complainant’s career need to stop. Even in Texas, bullying a woman who alleges #metoo issues is wrong. And bullies need to know: We will publish their names and the details of their behavior.

As for Anderson’s denials, be warned: If the victim asks us to do so and indeed has evidence that you lied, we will publish it. Not exactly the sort of thing conducive to future employment. And we will send the resulting press release out on wires for all the world to see. It will include your denials.

As for Gates and the possibility he is growing a spine and thinking for himself, we reserve judgment. So far, his track record is just as abysmal as his ethics.

Again, we stand with the complainant and will do everything possible to assist her in this challenging situation.

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