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Episcopal priest Daniel McClain files motion over children

Daniel McClain

Earlier today, Daniel McClain filed an ex parte motion with the courts, claiming that his wife has removed their children from Ohio and is seeking their return.

That raises a question: If Daniel McClain is so worried about the children and their welfare, why is he allegedly seeing another woman while still married to the childrens’ mother?

Nor is this a secret. Multiple parishioners report seeing the two together; we’re told she’s blonde and wears her hair up. We have some additional details, which we are working to verify.

So, we’re hoping that Daniel McClain will have the integrity to knock off the alleged affair and honor his existing marital vows. And for heaven’s sake, no more telling the court and others that he’s working on conciliation, etc., even as he’s purportedly seeing this other woman.

It’s time for Daniel McClain to evince at least some integrity. As in, he claims to be a priest, so humor us. At least pretend a little.

As for the St. Paul’s vestry, we are pretty sure folks know about McClain’s affair. You are disgraceful, disgusting, and disappointing dirtbags.

Meanwhile, Anglican Watch remains deeply concerned about Daniel McClain’s behavior. We have followed this case for almost a year and his seeming dishonesty, manipulation, and lack of accountability suggest a very troubled individual.

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