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David Duggan files Title IV appeal

David Duggan

Moments ago, David Duggan, a retired attorney in the Diocese of Chicago, filed an appeal of the dismissal of his Title IV case. His complaint objects to the conduct of clergy within the diocese, who retaliated against Duggan for objecting to the ordination of an openly gay, married postulant. by filing a frivolous motion for protection from stalking against him.

As we have stated in prior posts, we support Duggan’s complaint. While his views on same-sex marriage are the opposite of ours, that is no reason to treat Duggan with anything but respect. That’s a central message of the Gospels, and we categorically reject the church’s misuse of the judiciary system to suppress unpopular views.

In our role as advocates for victims of abuse within the church, we have written to various people in the Diocese of Chicago in support of Duggan’s appeal, including Bishop Paula Clark, the canon to the ordinary, the diocesan intake officer, and Clark’s administrative assistant.

To be clear, the conduct of the diocese is an unclouded moral wrong. There is no excuse for it, no explanation, and no way we will overlook it.

The only acceptable outcome is for the diocese to act with integrity, apologize in writing, discipline the clergy involved, and reimburse Duggan for his legal fees.

If it cannot manage this fundamental aspect of organizational integrity, it is time for Bishop Paula Clark to resign and the Diocese of Chicago to close.

Simple as that.

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