AW issues warning: Child molester, Grace Episcopal Church Alexandria

By | December 6, 2022
Grace Episcopal Alexandria

There is a known child molester at Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Va.

While he cannot be named, as he has not faced legal charges, he is known to have molested a group of girls during a sleepover.

At least three clergypersons are aware of this issue, as well as the Diocese of Virginia. Yet no action has been taken to limit his access to children or the building. He also is believed to have keys and access codes to the building, allowing him 24/7 unsupervised access.

To date, the only known efforts to address his behavior has been a former priest being pointedly rude to this individual when in attendance. That’s it. No written policy, no disclosure, no guidelines, no covenant.

The church is the one formerly attended by Anglican Watch editor Eric Bonetti. We have independently verified the name of the person involved and the allegations against him and believe them to be true.

Anglican Watch cautions parents that this individual has access to both the church school and general church activities. We believe he poses an ongoing threat to children, and has engaged in questionable conduct pertaining to his relationships with adults. We urge parents to either avoid the church and school entirely or, at a minimum, ensure they know the location of their children at all times. At no point should children be left unsupervised at any church activity or event.

By nature of this individual’s work, he has access to private residences. He may also be present at diocesan activities, including summer camps.

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