Arrest warrant issued for head of the Episcopal Church of Haiti

By | December 30, 2022
Allegations of corruption in the Episcopal Church in Haiti continue to grow

Local media report that an arrest warrant is active for Jean Madoché Vil, president of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Haiti. The warrant alleges Madoché Vil was involved in smuggling weapons into the country via shipments to the Episcopal Church. 

These shipments were, until recently, immune from customs inspection.

It is unclear whether Madoché Vil has been arrested.

Madoché Vil was rejected as bishop of Haiti over allegations of sexual abuse. Since there is no bishop for the diocese, Madoché Vil presently is the highest church official in the diocese. He also is accused of stealing ballots during the bishop diocesan election.

According to a report issued in October 2022 by human rights watchdog organization, the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH), other church officials may be involved. These include:

  • Remy Lindor, who operates Remy Multi-Services, an assumed name registered with the state of Florida and reportedly in the cosmetics business. The business address is the same as Lindor’s home, located at 808 Cypress Dr., Lake Park, FL 33403.
  • Fernand Jean Pierre, a U.S. resident. We have been unable to locate him but found a person with the same name (common in Haiti) who recently moved to Canada. We do not know if this is the same person. Phone lines at RNDDH are disconnected, but we have sent emails to all RNDDH staffers seeking additional information.

Also telling is that a truck illicitly brought into Haiti by the group comes from Keyser, WV — a hotbed of anti-government types. Thus, the unrest in Haiti ironically may be tied to white nationalists in the U.S.

Anglican Watch continues investigating, including allegations that the group has close ties to top government officials.


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