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Christian Post Reports Upcoming Demise of Episcopal Church

In an article posted yesterday, The Christian Post reiterated warnings that The Episcopal Church is lurching towards collapse. That assessment coincides with similar predictions elsewhere. At its height in 1966, almost 4 million Americans were members. As of 2018, official reports count just 1.676 million members. And while all mainline denominations are facing decline with the passing of… Read More »

Anglican Church in Australia Argues as Archbishop Davies Decries Same-Sex Unions

Even as his church claims that it “welcomes all people,” Archbishop Glenn Davies of Sydney is noisily announcing that, as far as he’s concerned, the blessing of same-sex unions is unwelcome. Davies’ comments come after the Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta in Victoria voted last year to allow clergy to bless couples who were already married. That’s right —… Read More »

St. Anne’s Reston Virginia Regroups from Discord

If there’s one thing that’s a constant in the Episcopal Church, it is turmoil and infighting. And in that regard, the parishes of the Diocese of Virginia never fail to deliver. Parishioners tell Anglican Watch that St. Anne’s, in Reston Virginia, is slowly struggling to regroup after the resignation of its last rector, The Rev. John CN Hall. Hall, a… Read More »

Well-Placed Sources Suggest Former Truro Priest Engaged in Homosexual Activity

Sources tell Anglican Watch that they believe there is more to the story of the late Marshall Harrison Brown, former associate rector of Truro Church in Fairfax. Brown, who was fired for accessing online pornography at work in 2011, died in 2016. Truro is well known as one of the dissident groups that left the Episcopal Church, in part due… Read More »

Archbishop of York: Get it Right, Or Lose Our Soul

As the ABC announces that he’s going to take time off for some self-care via a sabbatical, Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell has spoken out on the Church of England’s failures when it comes to preventing sex abuse. His comments are spot on and should be considered carefully by provinces throughout the Anglican Communion. Before we go further,… Read More »

ABC Welby Announces Sabbatical in 2021

Imagine a situation in which the pope takes three months off for self-care. Not just the annual summer staycation at Castel Gandolfo, but three months to hang out, study, and recover from the stresses of the job. And while the Curia and the rest of the Vatican bureaucracy would no doubt continue to lumber along, Catholics would be… Read More »