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The SBC Apocalypse Should be an Air Raid Siren for Episcopalians

Earlier today, the long-awaited report on sexual misconduct within the SBC was released, and it’s a bombshell. Persons of every ilk use words like “rage,” “fury,” “incandescent,” and “apocalypse” to describe their reaction to the report’s damning findings. Even so, one has a sense that people lack proper adjectives to fully describe their reaction to the revelations. Yet… Read More »

Are You a Survivor of Church Abuse?

Are you a survivor of church abuse? People often think of church abuse as sexual abuse, but it covers a variety of bad behaviors, ranging from exclusion of the differently abled, to sexism, to ageism, to sexual harassment, bullying, to financial abuse and more. Indeed, church abuse is but one part of a wide array of bad behavior… Read More »