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Time to ask Barb Kempf some tough questions, and other steps for improving clergy discipline in the Episcopal Church

Today’s post is about Title IV, the Episcopal clergy disciplinary canons. Specifically, what reasonable steps can we take to improve Title IV? For starters, let’s look at how Title IV functions today. Our take—far from unbiased—is that the best-managed cases rise to mediocrity. Those cases are few and far between, as most don’t even rise to that level. Read More

Spotlight on Abuse: Rt. Rev. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson

With the nominations process gearing up to identify potential candidates for the next presiding bishop, there’s one person whose name may come up—but shouldn’t. That is Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, an assisting bishop for the Diocese of North Carolina. She previously was an assisting bishop in Virginia, where we had ample opportunity to see her in action. So what’s the Read More