Breaking News: Lying bishop George Sumner visiting Texarkana March 19

By | March 10, 2023
Lying Bishop George Sumner Plans to serve as supply clergy this Sunday at St. James, where he has lied to cover-up a #churchtoo situation.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Bishop George Sumner, who previously lied to parishioners of St. James, Texarkana, about the departure of Rich Daly from the parish, is now adding insult to injury by planning to serve as supply clergy at St. James on the 19th.

Anglican Watch is shocked and appalled, and unless Sumner plans to confess his sins and own up to his #churchtoo coverup and lies, he must stay away.

While we’re on the topic, let’s look at the various betrayals of trust implicated by Sumner’s behavior:

  • The women allegedly hurt by Anderson.
  • The members of St. James.
  • The members of the Diocese of Dallas.
  • The Dallas standing committee.
  • The Episcopal Church.
  • His wife and family. Specifically, would you trust a man who lies and covers up the sexual mistreatment of women? Let’s hope not. And let’s hope the women in his family don’t encounter a situation like the one Sumner has created. They deserve better, as do all women.
  • Rich Daly and his family.
  • Texarkana.
  • Men and women who have experienced the trauma of sexual misconduct.
  • Himself. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

In other words, Sumner is a trainwreck in motion. And we wonder how he would feel if his daughter were the victim of Anderson’s misconduct.

And with plenty of evidence that Anderson has behaved badly on multiple occasions, we’re prepared to bet other women will come forward.

Moreover, if Sumner thinks he will trot out the Imperial purple, miter, and chasuble and impress people, spare us. Folks in Texarkana are not stupid, and they won’t fall for his silly antics.

We also note that there are plenty of signs afoot that Sumner is about to be sued. Since Texas is a one-party consent state, Anglican Watch is prepared to bet Sumner’s comments will be recorded, likely by multiple attendees.

As for Halt, already not exactly popular in Texarkana, we believe parishioners are unhappy with his decision to take time off during Lent. Particularly in Anglo-Catholic parishes, a lot is happening during Lent, and it’s a spectacularly bad time to make yourself scarce.

We’d also point out that the parish itself is part of the corruption. Specifically, the church’s website recites that Rich Daly retired. He did not, and whoever posted that is accountable for his or her lies. The fabrication needs to be removed from the website immediately.

So, what do we recommend? Simply put, Sumner needs to make himself scarce. Folks at St. James deserve a supply priest with integrity, not a bishop who lies to them. 

And rather than coverup, Sumner needs to get off his lazy butt, treat women with respect, and initiate a third-party investigation into the allegations about Anderson.

As part of that, it’s time for Sumner to come clean about his previous lies to the parish. A church cannot be in right relationship when what members believe they know is based on lies.

As for the small group who will come to Halt and Sumner’s defense, consider the following:

  • It is established that Sumner told the parish in writing that Daly retired of his own volition.
  • The fact that Daly immediately resumed ministry in an ACNA parish makes clear Daly had no plans to retire.

That begs the question: Why would Sumner lie?

The only possible reason is in retaliation for Daly’s opposition to the sexual harassment of the female victim.

So, Anglican Watch urges Sumner not to worsen a bad situation and stay away from St. James. And if he won’t do that, we encourage all at St. James who support #metoo and treating women as equals to boycott Sunday’s service. There is no room for treating women as objects that exist for the amusement of men.

It’s time to send George Sumner an unmistakable message. That message is clean-up or get the hell out of Dallas.

And while we’re on the topic, Sumner needs to know: It is remarkably hard to find a gig as a bishop with a track record of covering up #churchtoo. His only path forward is to have the courage to deal with issues by launching a third-party investigation, coming clean, making restitution, and pursuing amendment of life. That’s how a Christian handles things. And the underlying approach must be one of transparency at every step in the process. Young people in particular will not tolerate back-room dealing, connivance, and skullduggery. The days when clergy can do whatever the *%&$& they feel like are long over.

Simple as that.

Oh, and speaking of transparency, if anyone gets good recordings of Sumner , whether audio, video, or both, send them to Anglican Watch. We already have more than enough evidence to prove that Sumner is a liar, and we would love to obtain additional documentation.

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Dee Parsons

This is an excellent post. Thank you.


He definitely lies right to his parishioners faces and covers up complaints about misogynistic comments a priest has made to a few of our women in our church.