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Spotlight on abuse: Anglican priest the Rev. Robin Everett

Robin Everett

In July 2003, Robin Everett, former vicar of St Edward King and Martyr Church in Castle Donington, Leicestershire UK, was sentenced to five years in jail for sexually abusing two girls 20 years earlier. Some of the abuse occurred in the church’s vestry.

During sentencing, the judge said:

“It was a gross abuse of trust as a parish priest to abuse those two young members of your flock for your own gratification.

“How despicable to abuse a child in a church on consecrated ground. The lives of those two girls were ruined. They felt their childhood was stolen from them.”

Everett was also ordered to register as a sex offender and prohibited from working with children in the future.

During the trial, Everett also admitted to having a mistress whom he saw regularly, even as his wife was struggling with cancer.

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