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Grace Christian Academy allegedly lies to students about recording of Amy Curle discussing how to cover-up child sexual abuse

Amy Curle — corrupt guidance counselor at Grace Christian Aacdemy

Anytime you’re dealing with a church or church-related organization, you/re in trouble when you hear, “I want you to know what’s in my heart.”


Because that’s the church equivalent of “you and the horse you rode in on.”

Not only do we hear that phrase over and over in recordings of Grace Christian Academy (GCA) discussing allegations that Gracie Solomon was being sexually abused, but now things have gotten even worse: Multiple sources tell Anglican Watch that the school is telling students and others that the recordings are fake.

Before we go further, assuming the claims are true, that’s proof positive that the school has been caught red-handed. People don‘t typically lie when the truth better meets their needs.

Then we get to the whole issue of the Ninth Commandment and its stricture against false witness. By claiming that the recordings are false, GCA is in essence claiming that Angie and Gracie are liars. Not only is that a bad look, but beating up a family that just lost a son is wrong. Same for Robbie Rogers telling parishioners to say the Imprecatory Psalms against Gracie.

Looking at things from another angle, any church or school that has to lie to survive needs to close, post haste. The Kingdom of God is built on love and kindness, not lies and bullying.

Something about the Father of Lies….

As to the veracity of the school’s claims, we note that the recordings mention Amy Curle’s daughter. That begs the question: How did someone allegedly fabricating this recording have this information?

Anglican Watch also has had the recordings professionally analyzed. While the so-so quality of the recording makes some conclusions less than 100 percent reliable, we are prepared to say with confidence that the recordings in fact are Amy Curle.

The school’s dishonesty also is a shockingly bad idea, not only from the perspective of integrity and credibility, but also from a litigation perspective.

Anglican Watch increasingly believes that the school, Amy Curle, and several others will be in litigation sooner, rather than later. It will be a small matter to verify that the recordings are legitimate, and when that happens it will be an equally trivial matter to subpoena witnesses who will testify as to the school’s lies.

At that point, the school and Grace Chapel will implode, as well they should.

In the meantime, Anglican Watch issues the following calls to action:

  • We call on GCA officials to retract all false or inaccurate statements, to tell the truth, and to take steps to make reparation for the harm it has caused.
  • We call on parents, students, and members of the community to withhold support for GCA and Grace Chapel until they take responsibility for their actions.
  • We ask district attorneys and area law enforcement to investigate GCA, Grace Chapel, and their personnel for potential obstruction of justice and criminal conspiracy. If these have occurred, criminal charges should be filed against those responsible.

In closing, we’re watching. The world is watching. We will not tolerate your bullying Grant Solomon, Gracie Solomon, or Angie Solomon.


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