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BREAKING NEWS: Criminal complaint filed against Grace Christian Academy

In a breaking bit of news, citizens of Franklin, TN, have filed a police report against Grace Christian Academy (GCA), the school previously attended by Grant and Gracie Solomon, over the school’s failure to report allegations that Aaron Solomon was sexually abusing daughter Gracie Solomon and physically and emotionally abusing son Grant Solomon.

Tennessee is a mandated reporting state, which means that even if the school doesn’t believe the allegations, it still must report them. 

As to claims by GCA officials, like head of student counselor Amy Curle, that there are aspects of the case that others don’t know about, these assertions are irrelevant. School personnel must report all allegations of abuse.

Moreover, a local judge told Curle that she was required to report the allegations, but she still did not do so.

Nor is there any evidence that other GCA school officials reported the alleged abuse of Grant and Gracie.

Additionally, the school ignored Aaron’s violation of a restraining order prohibiting him from entering campus, even when school parents complained.

The report, which is voluminous and includes multiple affidavits, was filed with state police as well as local law enforcement.

Previous complaints, including ones from Anglican Watch, have been ignored by local law enforcement.

The complaint asks officials to respond by the end of the month.

Representatives of GCA did not immediately respond to a request for comments.


    1. Yes,,,,, the system the court system all needs an overhaul. The school needs to be shut down and those involved should pay the price of all those kids indured.. PRISON

      1. Yes! And given the lack of integrity coming from Grace Christian Academy, parents need to send their kids elsewhere,

        As for Grace Chapel, what sort of a-hole has people saying the Imprecatory Psalms at a 14-year-old, Gracie, whose brother was just murdered.

        This is one seriously non-Christian place. A den of vipers.

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