Spotlight on abuse: Episcopal priest Jerry McKenzie

By | July 24, 2022
Anglican Watch

A lawsuit filed in July 2022 by an anonymous plaintiff alleged that former Episcopal priest Jerry McKenzie sexually abused the plaintiff starting in 1995. The abuse allegedly took place at several locations within the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado, including St. Michael & All Angels Church, Camp Ilium and a cabin near Nederland.

Attorneys for the plaintiff say they do not know if McKenzie is still alive or where he is located.

The diocese has admitted that McKenzie was forced to resign his ministry in 2000 due to allegations of sexual misconduct, but refuses to provide details.

The plaintiff’s attorney said:

What we do know is that during the period when this abuse started and continued, that there was an ongoing practice to ignore these types of allegations, to cover them up, to threaten and silence victims, to withhold information from the people who had the ability to protect these children and to basically protect themselves in closed ranks.

The plaintiff alleges that McKenzie plied him and other boys with alcohol and drugs during retreats, which made it easier for him to engage in sexual misconduct with the youths. The plaintiff was an altar boy at St. Michael’s and served under McKenzie’s direction.

A spokespersons for the diocese refused further comment.

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