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Spotlight on abuse: Bishop Todd Ousley

Bishop Todd Ousley

Bishop Todd Ousley is the head of the Office of Pastoral Development. In that role he reports to presiding bishop Michael Curry.

Ousley has aided and abetted bishops who engage in corrupt practices by declining to get involved. Thus, while his office may deal with issues like the ironically named Bishop Love, or the meltdown with Bishop Jon Bruno, he is unwilling to address issues in which small groups of church members are injured by corrupt practices by the bishops. This includes known instances of misconduct by Bishop Susan Goff and Bishop Shannon Johnston in which Ousely knowingly referred complaints back to the diocese.

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  1. Not sure if you heard, but the Episcopal church near me – All Saints By The Sea – in Santa Barbara has recently, conveniently had their rector take a sabbatical and now leave for a new position.

    I am not going to say something shady is going on, but the whole thing is a little coincidental – especially seeing how that church has been mentioned in the past on this site.

    I dunno. These recent posts just got me thinking of what kind of manipulative games go on behind closed doors.

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