Another busy weekend in the Caca Crown Derby of clergy misconduct

For many, the Fourth of July weekend is a chance to relax, grill, and maybe hit the beach; it’s also an opportunity to tidy up the inbox. As a result, Anglican Watch has pulled in more complaints than usual. And sure enough, several of our regulars are in the thick of things. Among the complaints we’ve fielded: Yet another complaint Read More

When Episcopal churches close — part III

We’ve watched Episcopal churches (and many others) close for several years. In doing so, we’ve observed several consistent themes. Perhaps identifying them will be helpful, although our list of issues is not intended to be complete. Instead, they reflect the forgotten, often human aspects, of church closures. Consider alternatives. We automatically consider a church building part and parcel Read More

Two flagship parishes in Alexandria Va., are in trouble

Alexandria, Va., home to the Virginia Theological Seminary, largest in the Anglican Communion, has long been regarded as a bastion of the Episcopal church. Yet evidence shows that two of the city’s flagship parishes are in crisis. St. Paul’s At St. Paul’s, long a haven for well-heeled residents of Old Town, lackluster leadership, unresolved conflict, and the church’s Read More