Epiphany: Forgotten Holy Day

Over the years, liturgical practices in the Episcopal Church have shifted. Indeed, some would say that the 1979 revisions to the Book of Common Prayer mark the ascendency of the Anglo-Catholic side of the church. But in all of this, the church has picked and chosen from its Catholic heritage, while largely ignoring practices from Orthodoxy. And falling… Read More »

Surviving Church on Corruption in the Church

Editor’s note: Reprinted with permission from The Rev. Stephen Parsons’ blog, “Surviving Church” There was an interesting story in the paper today (Sunday) discussing the impact of the programme, The Crown. Apparently there has been a survey of public opinion about attitudes of the British general public towards the Royal Family among those who have seen this series. Although, for the… Read More »

DioVA Negotiating to Sell Truro Church Property

In a move that has garnered scant attention, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, faced with plummeting revenue from its constituent parishes due to COVID-19 and the loss of more than 15 percent of its Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) over the past 10 years, has announced that it is in discussions with Truro Church to sell the property to… Read More »

Welby Earns First Annual Pandemic Pinhead Award

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, recipient of numerous honors and awards, has now received an additional award: The coveted Anglican Watch Pandemic Pinhead award. The announcement comes shortly after Welby announced that he is going on sabbatical to reflect on reconciliation in the church. Anglican Watch’s award is bestowed on Welby in recognition of his announcement that Church of England… Read More »

“Nobody Can Hate Like Christians”

The Rt. Rev. Barbara Harris, who died this past March, was a trailblazer in the Episcopal Church. An ardent advocate for LGBTQ+ rights as early as 1989, she excoriated the Episcopal Church for racism and sexism. And while her ordination as a bishop was the first for a woman in the Anglican Communion, and welcomed by liberals in… Read More »

Huge COVID-19 Surge Bodes Ill For Episcopal Church

Recent studies suggest that the United States may be about to experience a devastating wave of COVID-19 infections, even as a vaccine offers a glimmer of hope. The news likely bodes ill for the Episcopal Church, which already is facing a precipitous decline in giving due to the pandemic. Moreover, the timing is particularly troubling, for it comes… Read More »

Episcopal Diocese of Virginia PPP Application Raises Questions

Members of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia are very familiar with the recent “Shout it from the Mountaintop,” campaign to fund capital expenses and improvements at one of the two diocesan retreats, Shrine Mont. But a review of Shine Mont Paycheck Protection Program loan information, together with Shrine Mont’s 990’s (federal tax forms), raise issues regarding the potential… Read More »

The Collapse is Here

The following was written by The Rev. Tom Ferguson for his blog Crusty Old Dean and is reprinted with permission. The original may be found here. Tom’s views, while they coincide with those of Anglican Watch, are entirely his own and do no represent the views of his parish, his wife, or his dog. The Collapse Is Here.… Read More »

Episcopal Dioceses Enact Further Restrictions as Pandemic Rages

As the pandemic soars to new heights and daily deaths in the US top 3,300, Episcopal dioceses across the country are rolling back regathering initiatives in an effort to reduce new infections. As a result, many churches will only offer online services for Christmas and Epiphany. Among the dioceses to do so are Virginia, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Western… Read More »