New Feature: Online Database

By | December 12, 2019

Over the past several years, I have watched with dismay as The Episcopal Church and other denominations and faith traditions discuss the sharing of information about abusers. It seems to me that this should be a simple thing: If you are clergy and engage in any sort of abuse, people need to know. Churches need to know. Parishioners need to know. Parents need to know.

Yet you’d think we were proposing ending social security. The hemming and hawing, the bloviating—none of this should be necessary. And you have to wonder why church officials are so reluctant.

I therefore have decided to nudge things along, offering my own online database. My hope is that the database will become the equivalent of the Bishop Accountability Project, an online database largely confined to Catholic clergy.

Users can use the database to search for abusers, or can post data about their own experiences. Registration is not required, and no information about posters is gathered or stored.

I reserve the right to edit posts, and all must be reviewed and approved before they go live. My hope is that users will be candid, while avoiding ad hominem attacks or untruthful posts.

Going forward, my hope is to expand the database to cover other faith traditions.

Meanwhile, I am adding names, churches and photos, and plan to do so on a daily basis.

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