Spotlight on Abuse: Episcopal Priest Robert E. Henry

In December 1988 Episcopal priest Robert E. Henry admitted to molesting “at least seven boys” at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Pomona, California and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and Parish School in Ventura, California, both in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. He was sentenced to six years in prison for assaulting one seven-year-old boy, a downward deviation… Read More »

Spotlight on Abuse: Episcopal Priest Jerry A. McBride

Episcopal priest Jerry Allan McBride concealed a tape recorder during a pastoral conversation with Julie Mabus and Ray Mabus, former governor of Mississippi. Governor Mabus used the recorded conversation as evidence in his divorce and child custody proceedings. In 2001 Mrs. Mabus filed a lawsuit against McBride individually in addition to St. James Episcopal Church, Jackson and the… Read More »

Spotlight on Abuse: Episcopal Priest Robert “Bob” Hiller Malm

Following graduation from Yale Divinity School in 1977, Episcopal priest Bob Malm was ordained in the Diocese of North Carolina in 1978. He served as an associate at St. Mary’s Episcopal, Highpoint NC from 1977-1979. Subsequently, he briefly taught at the Blue Ridge School, in Dyke VA, before serving as assistant to the rector at the Anglo-Catholic Church of the… Read More »

Spotlight on Abuse: Episcopal Vestry Member Frank Lombard

Prominent lay Episcopalian and Duke University official Frank Lombard was arrested on June 24, 2009 for offering his adopted five-year-old African American son to other individuals online for sexual purposes, creating and distributing pornography of his adopted son and of himself assaulting his adopted son, and for sexual exploitation of a minor. He also admitted molesting his second… Read More »

Spotlight on Abuse: Episcopal Priest Joseph L. De Acetis

Episcopal priest Joseph L. De Acetis was disciplined in the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem in 2012 for physical assault and failure to follow mandatory reporting laws at Christ Episcopal Church in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania during 1997 and 1998 incidents surrounding organist Kenneth Bernard Schade when a minor parishioner complained about Schade’s abusive behavior. De Acetis was alleged to have held… Read More »